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What we are and what we do 


“The Intel Lab” is the brand under which dedicated Intelligence Analysis professionals collaborate throughout the world.

We deliver to decision-makers a comprehensive multi-layered analysis tailored to their needs and deadlines.

We use our broad knowledge and expertise in specific areas, enhance the way data is gathered, crafted, and interpreted.


How we do it

Geospatial Intelligence

IMINT Collection Capabilities

  • Capella Space

  • Maxar Technologies

  • Airbus Intelligence

  • Planet Labs

  • KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)

  • Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (Asia) Ltd. (21AT Asia)

  • HEAD Aerospace (HEAD)

  • The European Space Agency (ESA)


Civil Engineering Know-How

  • Critical Infrastructures

  • Utilities

  • Tunneling and Trenchless Technologies

  • Mapping

  • Design and 3D Modeling

  • Mining

  • Energy: Oil and Gas, Power Grids

  • Communication LOS structures

  • Ports, Railways, Roads

Military Assets Monitoring

  • Land

  • Air

  • Sea

Open Source Intelligence

Persistent Intelligence


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