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The Intel Lab Services


The Intel Lab Activity Report


Our activity reports service provides Intelligence Officers and Decision Makers with Archived/Tasked Electro-Optic or Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) collected information over a chosen Area of Interest.


The Intel Lab SITREP


This analysis report emphasizes all the contextual data collected and identified over the chosen area of interest. This SITREP includes a description of installations, assets, and activities observed from satellite imagery. Additional data based on OSINT sources can be integrated into the report. The report includes annotated infographics based on HR/VHR EO/SAR satellite imagery.


Monitoring Report


This report provides a detailed analysis of a chosen Area of Interest during a predefined Timeline. The analysis report includes satellite imagery EO or SAR as a baseline, ADSB, AIS data as well as OSINT sources which can be integrated into the report if required.

The Intel Lab All-Source Report

This report engulfs all of The Intel Lab's best capabilities and capacities. In addition to the various reports available in our service catalog, the All-Source Report includes assessments, recommendations, external researches, cross-collaborations (Academic, Industrial, or other Consultancies).

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