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In 2018, the “Nuclear Archive” seized by Israel’s National Intelligence Agency (MOSSAD) revealed secret documents including sketches and blueprints of the Al Ghadir Plant implying the development of an Iranian indigenous nuclear weapon program. Under Iran’s Amad Superorganizational Plan, Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant (Project 4/402 Code name Al Ghadir) was built with the intention and purpose to make weapon-grade uranium for 1-2 nuclear weapons per year.

Fordow 3D reconstruction model is a collaborative effort between The Intel Lab and Orion_int aiming at giving the public audience a better understanding of this remote and partly secret Uranium Enrichment underground facility. This multi-disciplinary effort is based on Civil Engineering knowledge, Nuclear Fuel Enrichment Cycle basics, Intelligence Analysis, and advanced skills in realistic modeling and rendering. Disclaimer: This work is based on the research conducted on available public documents, assessments, reports, publicly released photographs, and videos. Some material textures were chosen to enhance the viewer experience and are not necessarily representative. Assumptions in the analysis phase are based on engineering standards and good practice to bridge the gap between the existing known materials and the uncertainty of the existing situation on site.

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4 new structures surrounded by high earth berms for blast deflection are currently in construction in Parchin Complex - Plan 6.

Parchin complex is involved in R&D, production of chemical weapons, laser technology for Uranium Enrichment, as well as high-explosive testing for nuclear weapons.

This comes after the completion of the nearby extension in November 2020, comprising a dozen new buildings surrounded by High and Thick concrete blast walls. This extensive construction activity since 2018 is probably related to Iran Ballistic Missile Program, however, it cannot be ruled out that a part of it could be contributing to other activities restricted or monitored by the JCPOA.

Parchin Military Complex - March 4th 2021, Imagery courtesy Maxar Technologies via Google Earth

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