Updated: May 26

One of the many PLA military facilities in Lhasa, Tibet has been undergoing a large-format upgradation. Initial groundwork was observed in April 2020 with substantial construction work reaching completion in January 2021. Various military platforms, vehicles, and even artillery guns are visible on recent images of the facility alongside new garages and administrative buildings. The facility while connected by road also has three heliports near it where recent upgrades have also been noted.

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Although this site is known since 2010, the highly secured location saw an uptick in construction and excavation in 2017 and 2019, the year which 4 additional large tunnels were excavated. This site includes numerous tunnels of various sizes but the last four tunnels excavated shows a possible layout found in other underground facilities related to Iran Ballistic Missile Program. Satellite imageries show a circular excavation resembling to an excavated hardened Launch Position found in Haji Abad and Khorgo Ballistic Missile Bases.

Assessment : After years of being classified as an underground storage facility, this site now have common features with known Underground Ballistic Missile Bases thus likely to be related to Iran Ballistic Missile Program.

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The Israeli-owned ship, the MV HELIOS RAY, seen underway to UAE port, after an explosion rocked it as it was leaving the Gulf of Oman for Singapore. Israel estimates the explosion was an Iranian attack.

Satellite Imagery courtesy Sentinel Hub (ESA)

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